-->Neural Network from scratch (MLP model)

Multilayer Perceptron built from scratch tested on a flower dataset in Python.

-->Comparing Performance of SVM with MLP

Building and Comparing the machine learning models Support Vector Machine and Multilayer Perceptron on a Wisconsin Breast Cancer dataset

-->Spam SMS Filter

A machine that allows text input and decides whether that message is spam or not. Built in Python, implemented with support vector machine.



Full stack development of a complete blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  • Implemented using proof-of-work systems to verify transactions.

  • Developed with Test-Driven-Development methodology.

  • Redis Pubsub implentation for broadcasting blockchain across all servers.

  • Backend uses Node.js and Express API.

  • Front End uses ReactJS.


-->This Is Orlando

This Is Orlando campaign landing page. Released to 53k followers on @orlando Instagram


Full stack development of a campsite review site. Functionality includes cultivating a community around camping with features such as member login, rating and commenting, and campground photography submissions.

-->A Cut Above

Front end development of a website for a local beauty salon.


-->Random Twitter Follower

An application using the Twitter API that when called automatically picks a random follower of mine on Twitter and mentions them a custom message. Built in Python.

(Source code not available due to the use of private API keys)

-->File Word Counter

Python application that takes a file as an input and outputs the frequency of total words, total unique words, and individual totals for every word in the file